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Simply put: Pedaling Forward connects bicycle and parts manufacturers in Taiwan to bicycle retail shops all over the globe into an ecosystem that strives to push forward and progress the current bicycle industry; or ”Pedaling Forward,”as we like to call it. The Pedaling Forward program is an innovative channel structure which is designed and processed by Point Asia Co., Ltd. using the on-line commercial network.

One of the main functions of this program is to create interactive relationships between manufacturers and retail shops. Based from feedback and input from bicycle retail shops, product developments will have more direction and be better suited to the market needs. Retail shops can get first-hand product information quicker and more accurately directly from the manufacturers.

The main goal of this program is to assist Taiwan bicycle related brands and products to be brought into the global arena; allowing them to promote their products directly to their market and at the same time being able to service their customers globally.  In order for all this to happen; confident and trust must be generated; and along with it, positive brand recognition will grow in the market.

Through this program; repetitive costs among channels will be significantly reduced. Manufacturers and retail shops will no longer be restricted by their current channel structures; therefore, allowing them to have better opportunities to increase their gains through development or service.

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